Property Management

Property Management

As an experienced, local property management company, Triarii vows to look out for the best interest of our landlords, which means taking care of their properties and their tenants. To provide excellent management services, we must: answer all maintenance calls, provide real-life rental submissions, rent out any vacant properties you may have, and this is just the start. We take our responsibilities very seriously and want to guarantee that your properties are taken care of.


  • Ensure that rent has been submitted
  • Late Rent Notice letters sent to tenants on the 5th of every month
  • Take tenant calls
  • Service maintenance requests
  • Rent out vacant properties
  • Upload all Rental documents
  • Inform Tenants of rent increases
  • Perform evictions if needed

Triarii provides a Landlord Portal where you can monitor all activity within your properties at all times. The portal is updated daily. All updates and information regarding tenants and properties (calls received from a tenant, repairs on a property, etc.) are accessible to Landlords via the portal.

 Customer Portal has the following features:

  • Visibility on tenants’ rent submission
  • Visibility of maintenance requests
  • Ability to accept or deny tenant maintenance requests
  • Ability to converse with us directly
  • Visibility of reported conversations with tenants/Triarii handyman
  • Visibility of all documents sent to our company
    • Lease agreements
    • Eviction paperwork
    • Notice letters for late rent
    • Notice letter for change in management
    • Notice letter for rent increase


We understand that it is vital to keep up with maintenance request for your properties. In order to maintain satisfied tenants, we automatically proceed with maintenance requests that total less than $300.00. If the estimated cost of maintenance for a request exceeds this amount, we create a maintenance ticket, visible to you via the portal, with a cost estimate and detailed description of the request. Upon your approval, we proceed to service the request.

Upon Maintenance Request approval, Triarii does the following:

  • Services the maintenance request
  • Invoices the landlord (Landlord can view invoices on the portal)


As your property manager, we take care of renting out any vacant properties. We make sure your property is ready to rent out, schedule showings, and rent your property to reasonably qualified tenants.

We understand that the biggest cost for a real-estate investor is an empty space. As a part of the management package, Triarii commits to marketing your empty rentals for fast occupation by qualified, properly-vetted tenants. Triarii’s commitment to our landlords is solid: no tenants to manage, no management fees.


  • Property listings on our website
  • Property listings on various media outlets
  • On-site advertising


For any questions or concerns, you may have with our services, feel free to contact us today.